Time Wharp - BLK EP

Time Wharp recently released their outstanding BLK EP which u can dl for free over at the astro nautico bandcamp!

'yrLyf' is a chilled out ride thru the cosmos. Sparkling synths start the song, before a swooning, swirling vocal harmony emerges out of the ether. Based up kicks penetrate the mellow vibes, accompanied by relentlessly busy snares that elucidate James Blake's early beatmaking. The tune is finished off with warped sitar washes and a lengthy vocal loop. Lovely.

'Basic Step' takes on juke with warm synth washes and twinkling 8-bit melodies. The bangs are mellowed out into smoother notes rather than their usual abrasive throb. It is busier beatmaking then your usual footwork song, and shows just one of the approaches that producers are taking to the juke genre.


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