Neuport - Chorizo EP

Neuport is part of a group of producers out of Minneapolis who pursue a whack take on juke and hip-hop. In this scene it is mandatory to have some sort of wingding in your name and to reference juke and weed. You may say, "but Tobias, isn't that just some witchhau5 bullshit?" and i will respond with "no, have a listen."
'Diamond Messages vs. Naked Werewolf' is a washed out groove with smoove bass, juke-indebted beats, a haunting vocal sample, squealing synth glitches and reverb-soaked guitar washes. Thus the track swings and bounces into the wonderous, fantastic galaxy of, say, Bubble Club's 'the Goddess'. 'Grin' is a footwerk work out, which twists and merges into a chaotic climax of frantic beats and symphonic strings that would be as fit for da war zone as any Rashad or Earl track.

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