OL - Cirx

Russian juke? yep, it exists. Perhaps the best example to date of this unlikely crossover is brought to you by OL and comes with a boring as hell video. It was pretty much inevitable that the Russian beatmakers (DZA, Pixelord, Moa Pillar etc.) would eventually appropriate juke sounds as the entire scene seems locked in a frustrating bid to out-avant-garde each other by employing as many influences as they can grab their hands on. In my opinion this approach deprives the music of a level of taste that comes from careful selection and refinement, nonetheless, Juke would be the obvious choice for a 'new sound' in that it hasn't really been around for long enough to be ripped-off yet. I digress, the tune itself is an intriguing groove comprised of dismantled juke breaks and pitch shifted divas anchored by a down-tempo kick loop. The etherial synth arpeggios are what ultimately prevent the track from retaining the ghetto goodness of OLs Chicago equivalents but it does add a welcome whimsical tone.

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