Machinedrum - DDD

Expected January 17, the tirelessly prolific Travis Stewart aka 'Machinedrum' is readying a new 5 track EP on 'Lucky Me'. After his killer debut LP 'Room(s)' earlier last year, and his masterfully crafted full-length under the 'Sepaclure' moniker and not to mention a wealth of mind-blowing remixes and Soundcloud tracks Travis is not letting his musical guard down one bit. The EP sampler (which I highly recommend listening to), released a month ago proves 'SXLND' to be yet another showcase of Machinedrum's dancefloor refinery and meticulous tweakery. 'DDD', at 6 minutes, is a dancefloor journey through Travis's patented classic house stabs and vocals reconstituted in a smooth texturally dense context. I expect the EP to be on point as ever and serve to cement Travis Stewart's rep as a master of his craft.

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