DZA - Surrender EP サレンダ

Lush, cosmic and as extravagantly imaginative as the mind of a kindergardener, DZA is back with a new EP on his own 'How2Make' imprint. To an avid follower of Sasha Dza many of these these tracks won't be new to them, but to anyone else this EP is a compendium of insanely large party anthems that deviate from the hazier more LA inspired tracks he is more usually associated with (see DZA Dog Mixtape). While i used to see DZA as the Russian Flying Lotus this EP reforms him to become the Russian Hudson Mohawke, stepping over to the ecstatic chords and sugary synths camp of banger-making. In fact you could draw several parallels to HudMo's monumental 'Satin Panthers EP' of last year. 'Finger Snaps' has the kind of sinister trap step and head-banging appeal as HudMo's 'Cbat', 'Hurricane Kick' has the same pounding brass stabs and power driven kick-snare gait as 'Thunder Bay', while 'Chasing You' has the hand-in-the-air ecstatic release as the equivalent 'Thank You' and all of the other tracks wouldn't be out of place on any release by HudMo's partner in crime: Rustie. But, all overblown comparisons aside, DZA can still be relied on for injecting his own brand of quirkiness and uninhibited creativity into his music. The EP is rife with the little cute soundbites, whimsical flourishes and fantasical textures that give his music such distinct personality. This is unquestionable a very large release right here.

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