Ryddim93 - 'Lautrec' Selection

Computer Hope

We asked our mate Bootie Jones, aka Ryddim93, the 19 year old behind some of the slickest UK-inspired footwork tracks of the year, to put together some tracks for us. What came out was some absolute diffusion staples: Machinedrum, Paisley Parks, Lone and LDFD, so needless to say, this guys got taste. And he's pretty fucking funny too.

   First up hows life in Monero Valley 

Very sad, if i played brostep I'd be getting laid hey i should be a brostep rapper really?

That bad? how does your shit usually go down? 

 I played for some coffee shop one time, it was insanely akward, lots of girls though. Everytime I tell I chick i make music, the first thing they say is "dubstep?"

What do you tell them you make? 

Magic music

Sick, describe the 'magic music' sound for us. 

Sexual regression combined with memories of listening to Sade and Crystal Waters in my moms car and lots of sexy synths.

How did you get into footwork?

I was jacking off to vids on Xvideo in between looking for music on youtube, and i found that album "rooms" by Machinedrum. Next thing u know im making songs at 160 bpm. It changed my life, so did internet pornography sadly. I'm makin' the change.

Do you think juke is going to become big in the future? 

Doubt it. its already huge underground wise. People allow their taste to be governed by whats on the radio i have no idea whats out right now mainstream stuff, lady gaygay? I don't consider myself juke though but the label is fine.

Wanna tell us about some of your other hobbies, philosophy, womanizing... gardening? 

I read lots of pointless articles on philosphy, they make me really depressed but ehhh its whatever. At times its really over the top. When it comes to women, I'm lost as fuck, comes with age I suppose.
Gardening is what i do for my grandma, shes a precious person. Sunflowers, roses, all that good shit, I hate dandelions though, those flowers are straight gay

 Can i ask you a philosophical question or will it be too depressing? What's the point of music?  

To feel. Life to me is rather drab without music. I'm rather romanticist in the way i think of life. To me music is an escape to higher feeling or emotion. Music affects everyone a certain way, its life. Expression of our soul in its purest form.. gods drug

How come you used a radio rip of carrot man? 

It was on my laptop, I ripped it from youtube from a guy who did a radio rip and the guy in the opening of the song has a sexy voice, no homo

 Any last words? 

 Ummm, I'm really amazed at how technology has allowed 19 year old college slackers like me to make whatever they want. And all the single ladiez should hit me up, im single, sexy, creative, and slightly crazy.

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