Dj Chap - Hungry Happy Sleepy

One of the most interesting juke EPs of this year, Dj Chap brings an absurdist celestial touch to the otherwise very ghettotek-faithful sounds. The Denver producer is new to the game however his beats are pastiched from a very diverse and unexpected palette of samples that evoke an otherworldly atmosphere but one governed by the mechanical precision of footworks rimshots, bangs and snares. Perhaps 'Accordion', best sums up the EPs vibe, employing the free-associative, almost surreal juxtaposition of samples, the track is a push and pull between the lumbering accordion sample and the insistent rhythmic pressure wherein a voice chatters at supernatural speed about overdosing on weed. 'Loser's Final' is another standout that again tries to compress a very expansive and cinematic sample into an uncomfortably small, demanding footwork meter with the effect of a stoner trying to philosophise about the universe while being rhythmically jabbed by a small robot. 'Lift Me Up' is the real jam on this Ep however, I cant get past the pitch-shifted divas, or the ardcore breaks especially when combined with the temporal deliciousness of some very fine bangs.

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