Juke Roundup - Warm Chords

Last juke roundup I talked about the string sample's ability to synthesise the often harsh minimalism of juke rhythms. Today I'll have a look at some recent tracks that, instead of using strings, create their antithesis with a synthesiser.

Perhaps this is the best example of what I'm talking about, the new track from the undeniable masters of this genre. At 1:00 everything drops to just the bangs, the occasional snare and an exquisite whistle. Autotuned vocals join the song's bare bones, before a set of woozy, warm chords fill out the sonic space and elevate the song as a whole to trippy heights.

Phil's remix of Beyonce's 'End of Time' has a similar effect. It features drenched Beyonce loops, speedy, ADD horns, a fantastic marching snare line and those beautiful qualifying chords.

'Star 2k12' is a real work out, and the formula of using chords later in the song is here reversed. They start, and thus the track builds to overwhelming intensity. Heavy bangs accompany a scattered, layered vocal sample before a juke mutant joins the chorus, exhorting you to 'turn it up', which you shall inevitably do.

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