Amen Ra

Amen Ra, of mysterious dubstep collective LHF, has been steadily releasing tunes on Soundcloud for weeks. Whereas most of LHF's other material harks back to golden age dubstep, the more recent work appears cemented in a contemporary post-dubstep landscape. This is very exciting stuff considering that a debut LP is imminent.

'Oracle' is a perfect morning song, featuring lush chords, huge, cathartic shotgun snares and a swinging garage groove. The tune builds with wheezing synths to a climax of bomb explosions and a beautiful vocal sample that, for me, came as a surprise but works sublimely well.

'Delicate Hand' sounds like a trek through a magical jungle. It starts with wonky oohs, monkey screeches and syncopated bongos, which are joined later by a featherweight piano lick and almost Blakean synth oozes. Hot shit!

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