Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991 / Vulcan Acid Mill

Usually Lone is a straight baller, so anytime a new release of his drops your boys over at Diffusion get wet. After 'Cloud 909', 'Approaching Rainbow' and 'All Those Weird Things', this single is no disappointment. 'Crystal Caverns 1991' is a trademark Lone banger, with outerspace synths and a stomping beat it is a welcome addition to the tunes I mentioned before, the producer maintaining that wildly euphoric, eyes-glazed-over, peaking vibe - painted in technicolour vividness through a star-gazing lens. The B is just as munted, with Lone taking an excursion into acid, an idea that makes so much sense it's silly. And he pulls it off wonderfully, with a syrupy squelch, jerky, syncopated snares and a steel-drum synth line that takes you straight to the Caribbean. Hearing this was like getting a letter from an old friend and remembering just how great they are.

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